Harper's Boho Baby Pow Wow!

How the HECK is my baby girl already TWO years old!? People say that time flies when you have a wee one and MAN are they right. Harper was born on July 7, 2014 at 5:31 AM, weighing 6 lbs. 7 oz. and 18.5 inches long with a full head of dark hair! That little, tiny bebe is a full blown toddler now! She is my favorite person. 

For her 2nd birthday party, I decided to throw her a Boho Baby Pow Wow at her Mimi's Teepee (AKA her Grandmother's backyard, AKA Mommy's childhood home). I chose the Boho/Powwow theme because she didn't have a preference (because she is 2) and Mimi's backyard is a special place for us and I knew it would be the perfect setting for that theme. 

Harper wore a boho romper by AllyandAnnie, fringe leg cuffs by The Rosie Marketplace and a homemade gold and feather headdress by Mommy. Is it bad that some of my favorite photos from the party are the photos below where she decided, "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to." #sorrynotsorry


I am an Event Planner in Sarasota and so I wanted to design a space that was functional for both adults and toddlers. I decided to contact a friend who owns a vintage rental company in Sarasota called Danilyn Vintage Rentals. She provided me with mismatched wooden chairs and two beautiful farm tables to act as the adult tables. I used palettes for the kids tables so that they were low to the ground and easy to access, but still SO cute! Danilyn Vintage Rentals also provided beautiful dishes, flatware and cups for the adult table. 

Each child received a homemade headdress as their party favor which was a total hit. I was so surprised they kept them on their heads! These are two year olds we are talking about, after all. The other "hit" at the party was Mimi's new 8 week old White Boxer puppy, Lilo. Harper is absolutely obsessed with her "Weewo" and so was everyone else!

There were two teepees at the party for the children to hang out in and take photos in along with dreamcatchers hanging in the trees and a play area for sensory boxes, splash fountains and a playhouse for pretend play. 

The cake was made by an Amish bakery in Sarasota called Der Dutchman. It was a two tier, white chocolate raspberry, naked cake with a pink drip/drizzle, greenery and a big, gold 2 on top! It was absolutely delicious. 

Our photographer, Alyssa Shrock Photography, is amazing with children. She was able to capture fantastic images of our family, party details and Harper enjoying her party with her puppy and all of her buddies! 

At the end of the party, we totally jumped in the pool and cooled off a bit. Florida is TOO hot! It was a wonderful day that we will never forget! 

Special Thanks To:


Photography: Alyssa Shrock Photography

Vintage Rentals: Danilyn Vintage Rentals

Cake: Der Dutchman

Planning/Florals: Oh Darling Events

Family and friends for helping with everything else! We love you!